An Interesting Point from Producer Matthews Blog

Producer Matthews Blog covers many topics, one of which is marketing. Using promotional gifts in business marketing is not new, but it can be challenging for smaller businesses to go beyond magnets, key chains, and pens. There is nothing wrong with those items, especially if the business does refrigerator repair, locksmith, or office supplies. One article on the blog does raise an interesting point regarding the wide variety of drink bottles available for promotional gifts. Drink bottles, glasses, travel mugs, and ceramic mugs are among the most cost-effective promotional gifts because people use them all the time. The exposure is greater on those items because people of all ages use drink-ware everywhere, every day.

A travel mug, for example, can be found on desks at the office, on the subway and public buses, in universities, and at the mall. Whether people prefer their drinks hot or cold, they will get thirsty throughout the day. Drink bottles are more effective as a marketing tool because they have a larger surface than many other promotional items. The business name, logo, and even contact information will fit on the bottle or glass. Images will be noticed faster, and can be clearly read quickly. That information can get lost on a pen, a bottle opener, or chip bag clips. People can utilize those items without even noticing there is a specific image printed on them.

The range of available drink containers is vast, depending on the company used to create and print the promotional items. Plastic water bottles, steel drink bottles, insulated ones, coffee mugs, ones with flip tops, and those with built-in straws are the most economical. Businesses with a bigger advertising budget may prefer to select glass options. Glasses for wine, martini, beer, brandy, tumblers, and even champagne flutes can be printed with a company name, website, logo, or slogan. Other drink options can include bar accessories, coasters, insulated holders, and even insulated wine bottle carriers. Coolers for the beach, counter wine racks, and beer cubes for parties can also be used as promotional gifts. Business owners can investigate the possibilities and compare costs with the last promotional item the business handed out to potential customers.